Palapa Depot started in 1998, we specialize in installations in the greater Las Vegas, and Palm Desert areas and have been the southwestern centers for thatching materials and palapas for nearly 30 years now. Palapa Depot ships nation-wide or builds/installs locally (Southern NV) offering grass hut, palapa kits, and thatching materials directly to the public or commercial businesses. We invite you to browse our site for all your palapa structure needs – to create a tropical expression in your backyard or tropical theme at your business.

Create your own paradise

An easy way to personalize your backyard. We can create and install a palapa for you or prepare a complete kit for you to build yourself to produce a relaxing oasis for your own home. Ask us about details to add to your palapas beauty: rope detail, carving & custom wood stain, matting, electrical prep, and more.

Who we are & what's a palapa?

Create your environment with the best

Bamboo Style Carved Poles. Unique "Brazilian Teak" Stain. Over 40 Palapa Sizes. Custom Palapa Structures. Easily Installed Onto Barbecue Counters or Patio Decks. Palapa Kits With Instructions for "Do-it-Yourselfers".

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Nov 29, 2014 | Welcome to Palapa Depot! Check back often for website updates, recent job photos, and more info as we transition to our new home on the web.

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